Fatal error: Call to undefined function: iscramble() in /home/artigianinew/ezpublish-3.9-patched/var/artigiani/cache/template/compiled/territori_child-65a2893bb58c326ad1dc495176a6e54f.php on line 645
Fatal error: eZ publish did not finish its request

The execution of eZ publish was abruptly ended, the debug output is present below.

eZ debug

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Timing: Aug 24 2019 06:33:58
Script start
Notice: eZMySQLDB::query(0.000 ms) query number per page:0 Aug 24 2019 06:33:58
SET NAMES 'utf8'
Timing: Aug 24 2019 06:33:58
Module start 'content'

Timing points:

CheckpointElapsedRel. ElapsedMemoryRel. Memory
Script start0.0000 sec0.0154 sec2,863.4297KB3,298.2734KB
Module start 'content'0.0154 sec 6,161.7031KB0.0029KB
Total runtime:0.3076 sec

Time accumulators:

 Accumulator Elapsed Percent Count Average
Load cache0.0085 sec2.7625%150.0006 sec
FindInputFiles0.0059 sec1.8961%150.0004 sec
Mysql Total
Mysql_queries0.0071 sec2.2859%670.0001 sec
Looping result0.0015 sec0.4817%630.0000 sec
TS translator
TS init0.0024 sec0.7824%20.0012 sec
TS cache load0.0011 sec0.3600%20.0006 sec
TS context load0.0007 sec0.2346%20.0004 sec
Template Total0.0085 sec 2.7% 1 0.0085 sec
Template load0.1451 sec46.9642%20.0725 sec
Template processing0.0075 sec2.4220%10.0075 sec
Template load and register function0.0002 sec0.0745%10.0002 sec
Cache load0.1574 sec50.9629%200.0079 sec
dbfile0.0006 sec0.1994%280.0000 sec
String conversion0.0002 sec0.0573%120.0000 sec
Total script time:0.3089 sec